Killzone Shadow Fall v1.07 Patch Is Out!

Killzone Shadow Fall patch v1.07 has been released! This update adds several new features and improvements based directly on the feedback you provided via the Killzone Player Voice system. To mark the occasion we also did a quick Q&A session with Game Director Steven ter Heide, who explains several features of the new patch.

You can watch the full Q&A below:


In a nutshell, here are some of the major features Patch 1.07 introduces:

  • Team-Based Voice Chat
    Probably the most requested feature of all, team-based in-game voice chat has arrived for Killzone Shadow Fall. The voice chat system will detect if you’re speaking and start broadcasting automatically, no button presses necessary. You can choose to have the voice chat broadcasts play through your controller/headset, or play them through your TV/speakers. In addition, you have the ability to mute individual players or all voice chat broadcasts, and you can turn the voice chat system on or off in your Custom Warzones.
  • Color Blind Support
    Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer now offers better support for players with color vision impairments. To activate color blind support, go to the Display section in the Options menu and choose from one of three settings.
  • Expanded Personalization Options
    Patch 1.07 paves the way for further personalization of your multiplayer character – not just through automata skins and spotlight moves, but also through custom Voice Packs, which will be available from the PlayStation Store soon.
  • HUD/Radar Improvements
    By popular demand, we’ve made the objective icon slightly larger and changed the image so that it becomes more visible to players. In multiplayer, party members are now shown in blue on the radar, and base camp turret locations are now indicated on the radar by icons.

These are just some of the highlights; patch 1.07 adds improvements and fixes throughout the game. For a full overview of all the changes, please visit the patch list posted in the community forums here.

We hope you enjoy the voice chat functionality and other features introduced by the patch! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on the Killzone Player Voice feedback system, and keep an eye on for more exciting news about Killzone Shadow Fall!

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