A Few Words From Hermen Hulst

Today Killzone 3 officially launches in the US! To mark this momentous occasion, Guerrilla managing director Hermen Hulst has prepared a few words.

Hello everyone,


It is my pleasure to announce that Killzone 3 is out in stores today. After two years of hard work by the talented developers at Guerrilla, we are thrilled to bring you the most intensely immersive first-person action game the PlayStation 3 has ever seen. Killzone 3 has become a true showcase piece for the PlayStation 3, making full use of its considerable capabilities - including stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move compatibility. And with support for the PlayStation Move sharp shooter, Killzone 3 is accessible to experienced and casual players alike.


I would like to take a moment to extend my gratitude to the fans in the Killzone community, who have supported and cheered us on over the course of Killzone 3's development, and to everyone who participated in the online multiplayer beta trials, for helping us make Killzone 3 the best game possible. We hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to seeing you in Killzone 3's online multiplayer mode.


Now, without further ado - go out and buy it!


Hermen Hulst
Managing Director, Guerrilla

Thank you, Hermen, and thanks to everyone who's already bought or pre-ordered Killzone 3. For those of you who still need convincing, check out the awesome new Launch Trailer!

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