Insurgent Personalization Pack

Reinforcements are underway! The Insurgent Pack drops next week, and in addition to the brand-new Insurgent class it will give you even more choice in the way you look, sound and play.

Aside from new class, abilities, weapons, collectibles, challenges and trophies described in our announcement post, the Insurgent Pack also comes with a Personalization Pack that consists of three new Spotlight Moves, an Insurgent Voice Pack and a new skin for your automata!


The three Spotlight Moves included with the Insurgent Personalization Pack are the Head Kick, the Finger Breaker and the C4. The first two are self-explanatory and look exactly as painful as they sound, but the C4 Spotlight Move requires a demonstration. Check it out in the video:

The Insurgent Voice Pack contains new multiplayer battle chatter voices for both Helghast and VSA factions. They were designed to match the Insurgent character’s devious personality and style of play, but they’ll work just as well with other classes. Check out the samples below:

Finally, the Insurgent Personalization Pack contains a brand-new OWL skin for your Helghast and VSA combat automata. The design is inspired by the paint scheme of the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, giving your automata a rather sleek and stealthy appearance.

The Insurgent Pack will become available with next week’s PlayStation Store update for $9.99/€9,99. You can also get it for free with the Season Pass, which gives you the best value for all essential Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer DLC.

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