Killzone Shadow Fall Weekend Roundup

Avast, ye scallywags! ‘Tis the Killzone Shadow Fall Weekend Roundup, here to tickle yer fancy! In this week’s edition we’ve news of the Killzone Shadow Fall original shanty track, the arrival of the new treasure maps in North America, the winning Primp Yer OWL design and more! Why be we talkin’ like pirates, ye ask? Well…

It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day

That’s right, and what better way to celebrate than with a Jolly Roger on your combat automata? Get the Pirate OWL skin from the PlayStation Store, and make sure to be hollerin’ and hootin’ like a salty seadog when you charge at your enemies online.

Killzone Shadow Fall OST Released on iTunes

Want to add a bit of excitement to those dreary morning commutes? Good news! The Killzone Shadow Fall OST is now available from iTunes for $9.99/€7.99, which means you’ll be able to listen to the gripping score by Tyler Bates and LORN everywhere you go.  For the full track list and a look behind the scenes of the production of the soundtrack, click here.

New Maps Released in North America

Following last week’s release in Europe, this week saw the new multiplayer map for Killzone Shadow Fall and two new cooperative maps for Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept hit the North American PlayStation Store. As always, the maps are available absolutely free of charge, and we’ve updated all official Warzones to include them in the rotation.  We’ve also put together a new trailer showing off the new co-op maps for Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept – check it out below:

Primp Your OWL Progress

Remember the 'Primp Your OWL' competition we held a while back? The WWII fighter-inspired skin by Luis Galindo received the most votes and is currently in the process of being converted into an actual automata skin. Here is what the winning entry currently looks like on a Shadow Marshal OWL – designs for the multiplayer automata are being adapted as we speak.

Clan Tournament Knockout Phase

The Killzone Shadow Fall Clan Tournament has entered the knockout phase this week. You can see who is fighting who in the official thread on the Killzone forums. The tournament is being played under competitive rules, using 4v4 clan matches on a specially created Warzone. The finals will be broadcasted on our official Twitch TV channel, so make sure you have it bookmarked!

That be all for this week’s edition of the Killzone Shadow Fall Weekend Roundup! Enjoy your weekend, mateys, and be sure to keep an eyepatch on fer more exciting Killzone news!

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