Killzone Shadow Fall World Challenge

Football fever got you aching for a bit of online team action? Sign up for the Killzone Shadow Fall World Challenge! From June 12 to July 25, six teams led by six Guerrilla developers will be battling for Killzone Shadow Fall supremacy, and YOU can join in on the fun!

To participate, just pick a team from one of the groups below and post their name in this thread. Any actions you take in Killzone Shadow Fall online from that point on will contribute towards your team’s overall performance. If you’re on one of the three highest-scoring teams at the end of the Challenge Stage you will advance to the Finals Stage, where you could be personally drafted to fight alongside your team captain in a live Killzone Shadow Fall showdown…

The cut-off date for the Signup Stage is June 17, so don’t wait too long! On June 18, we’ll announce which Guerrilla developers are going to act as team captains.



Name: The Autarchs
Team Captain: Stuart Billinghurst, Senior Designer
Description: The Autarchs are a strong and venerated team, notorious for their dominating style on the battlefield. They will seize control of the match early on and deny their opponents any opportunity to retaliate.

Name: The Marshals
Team Captain: Victor Zuylen, Community Editor
Description: Masters of stealth and speed, the Marshals excel at catching the enemy unaware and unprepared. They’re intimately familiar with the shortcuts and hiding places on every map and will not hesitate to take advantage of them.

Name: The Tyrants
Team Captain: Poria Torkan, Producer
Description: The Tyrants have a well-deserved reputation for recklessness and extreme violence. They will overwhelm their opponents through sheer aggression, often with little regard for tactics or their own well-being.


Name: SFC New Helghan
Team Captain: Jeroen Roding, Community Manager
Description: A young team with formidable defensive capabilities, SFC New Helghan has become highly adept at stonewalling enemy attacks. Once they have a territory on the map locked down, nothing can get past them.

Name: Real Madec
Team Captain: Daniel Faustino, Producer
Description: Real Madec is renowned for its complex strategies and unmatched tactical skills. Disciplined and experienced, they take pleasure in soundly schooling their opponents at every opportunity.

Name: Vekta United
Team Captain: Samrat Sharma, Senior Online Producer
Description: A fun, friendly team emphasizing sportsmanship and camaraderie, Vekta United is in it purely for the love of the game. They will appreciate a good game regardless of whether they win or lose – although they usually win. 

Rules & Schedule

June 12 – June 17: Signup Stage

In the Signup Stage, you can register your team choice (and your participation in the Killzone Shadow Fall World Challenge) by posting the name of your preferred team in this thread.

June 19 – July 7: Challenge Stage

 There are three challenges in the Challenge Stage. For each challenge, teams from Group A will be matched up against teams from Group B, to compete for the highest combined average of the specified action (such as most kills per hour). The teams that win these matchups earn points based on their own Group ranking for said challenge. Scoring is as follows:

matchup result

group ranking

points earned



3 points



2 points



1 points



0 points

In addition, the official Killzone Facebook and Twitter channels will regularly post messages from opposing team captains during this stage. The team captain that receives the most likes or retweets within 24 hours will earn 1 point, to be added to their team’s total score.

At the end of the Challenge Stage, the three teams with the highest total number of points advance to the Finals Stage, where they will be joined by a ‘wild card’ team. The qualifying teams, and the identity of this new team, will be announced on July 10.

Challenge 1 (June 19 – June 23): Most Kills/Hour

The first challenge is straightforward: make the most kills per hour, by any means necessary. Please note that you must play Killzone Shadow Fall online for a minimum of 2½ hours during this challenge period to have your individual average added to your team’s combined team average.

The matchups for this challenge are:

  • The Autarchs – Vekta United

  • The Tyrants – SFC New Helghan

  • The Marshals – Real Madec

Challenge 2 (June 26 – June 30): TBD

The second challenge will be announced on June 25. The matchups for this challenge are:

  • The Autarchs – Real Madec

  • The Tyrants – Vekta United

  • The Marshals – SFC New Helghan

Challenge 3 (July 3 – July 7): TBD

The third challenge will be announced on July 2. The matchups for this challenge are:

  • The Autarchs – SFC New Helghan

  • The Tyrants – Real Madec

  • The Marshals – Vekta United


In the week before the Finals Stage, the captains of the three remaining teams will personally select players from their own teams to fight alongside them in the live semifinals and finals. The teams will not only have to face each other in battle, but also take on a mysterious fourth team!

Running in parallel with the Finals Stage, the Intercept Challenge is a separate live challenge in which the teams eliminated from the World Challenge can redeem themselves by getting the most points in the shortest amount of time in Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept. We’ll have more on the Finals Stage and the Intercept Challenge on July 10.

The Killzone Shadow Fall World Challenge blasts off next Thursday, so mark your calendars and post your team of choice in this thread! Keep an eye on for updates on this event, and be sure to subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter channels – you never know when you might earn your favorite team an extra point…

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