The Aftermath

Following the death of Jorhan Stahl, Echo attempts to neutralize the threat posed by Dr. Massar’s bioweapon. Aware that the Ethnic Bullet can’t be trusted with her own government or the VSA, Echo secretly contacts a number of like-minded intelligence operatives she has encountered throughout her career.

+++ incoming_message 3076.1204.2355.420A
+++ transmitter_id: unknown / unknown
+++ transmitter_alias: ECHO
+++ vnsp_signature: verified
+++ decrypting . . .


I’m putting myself at considerable risk by contacting you like this, but desperate times call for drastic measures. Some of you have fought alongside me before, others have faced me in battle. All of you have proven to be dependable and efficient warriors… for the right price.

As your own sources have probably confirmed by now, the bioweapon Dr. Massar was rumored to work on is real. Jorhan Stahl used a modified version against the Vektan fleet orbiting Helghan, but the weapon is back under VSA control – and it’s only a matter of time before Director Sinclair adapts it to suit his needs.

I don’t need to tell you what will happen to your ‘business opportunities’ if this conflict escalates into full-blown biowarfare. If Vekta is to have any hope of a future, we cannot let maniacs like Stahl or Sinclair dictate who gets to live here. We must destroy all traces of the bioweapon now, while both parties are still focused on each other.

Don’t worry, I’m not merely trying to appeal to your sense of humanity. There’s a substantial reward to be reaped here, but it’s not going to be easy. Only the most valorous of you will make the cut. If you still want in, send an encrypted reply through the usual channels to receive the first mission briefing.

Mission 1 (Completed)

Director Sinclair may have seized control of Dr. Massar’s bioweapon, but most of her research is still stored at a hidden Helghast weapons production facility in Pyrrhus Deep. Make your way from the insertion point at The Academy, through The Canyon and towards The Factory – that research cannot be used to create another bioweapon.


Warzone:   Aftermath-1
Maps:   The Academy, The Canyon, The Factory
Modes:   Beacon Theft, Capture & Hold, Capture & Move
Classes:   Support, Scout
Abilities:   No Turrets, no Support Drones
Date:   Saturday, January 10 - Sunday, January 11
Primary objective:   Collect the most Valor
Primary rewards:  
750k   Valor bonus  -  provocation4
300k   Valor bonus  -  Can81TR
150k   Valor bonus  -  SiCK-WAYZ
Secondary objective:   Spend most time in Warzone
Secondary reward:  
450k   Valor bonus  -  tmntpizzapower

Mission 2 (Completed)

The research data at the weapons production facility was destroyed. Unfortunately, Director Sinclair has shuttled the bioweapon to a secret deep-space laboratory for reverse engineering. Check the flight logs from The Spire control deck for a likely destination, then make your way to The Hangar and procure a transport to The Cruiser holding the bioweapon.


Warzone:   Aftermath-2
Maps:   The Spire, The Hangar, The Cruiser
Modes:   Search & Destroy, Beacon Safeguard, Team Deathmatch, Capture & Move
Classes:   Assault only
Abilities:   No Shields, No HE Grenades, No Breacher, No Buddy Drone
Date:   Saturday, January 16 - Sunday, January 18
Primary objective:   Achieve the highest number of kills per hour (minimum total play time: 2 hours)
Primary rewards:  
750k   Valor bonus  -  WD-YA7YA
300k   Valor bonus  -  Drizzt_PL
150k   Valor bonus  -  o0-Siddhartha-0o
Secondary objective:   Collect the most Valor
Secondary reward:  
450k   Valor bonus  -  lllupos

Mission 3 (Completed)

It’s time to make Director Sinclair pay. An informant assures me he’ll be speaking at the reopening of the VSA headquarters this weekend; I need you to make certain that security at The Park facing the building is busy when I make my move. We’ll retreat through the ruins of The Station and meet in The Penthouse for extraction. Good luck, mercenaries.


Warzone:   Aftermath-3
Maps:   The Park, The Station, The Penthouse
Modes:   Team Deathmatch, Capture & Connect, Capture & Hold, Beacon Theft
Classes:   All
Abilities:   Spawn beacons only
Date:   Saturday, January 23 - Sunday, January 25
Primary objective:   Achieve the highest number of headshots per hour (minimum total play time: 2 hours)
Primary rewards:  
750k   Valor bonus  -  Reziinn
300k   Valor bonus  -  greenbuk75
150k   Valor bonus  -  hsotnas80
Secondary objective:   Collect the most Valor
Secondary reward:  
450k   Valor bonus  -  provocation4

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