The Informant

A mysterious Helghast informant warns Echo that the Black Hand have obtained parts of Dr. Massar’s research and are using it to build a dirty bomb. Can Echo and her team of mercenaries stop the new threat before it's too late?

+++ incoming_message 6021.4253.5153.746C
+++ transmitter_id: unknown / unknown
+++ transmitter_alias: SHADOW 1-8
+++ vnsp_signature: ERROR (80FA) cannot verify
+++ decrypting . . .


The name's Zeus. Apologies for deceiving you; using Shadow Marshal Kellan's transponder ID was the quickest way to get your attention. I cloned it off him when he visited me in Containment City last month. Hoped it could help me break into Vektan territory, but alas... Borders are locked up tighter than the strap on Commander Saric's goggles. But I digress.

Kellan was a decent lad, and he didn't deserve what happened to him. He risked his life to erase me from Helghast Security's tracking database. I heard the pair of you were on a mission to track down some sort of bioweapon when Sinclair "retired" him. That bastard... I'm glad someone finally did the same to him last week. Certainly makes my life a lot easier.

I may not be able to repay Kellan anymore, but I can still help you carry on the mission. I don't mind telling you – bioweapons scare me more than anything Helghast Security had in store for me. Especially with fanatics like the Black Hand out there. They've firmly kept to themselves since their leader died, but I have a habit of eavesdropping, and, well...

What I'm hearing is cause for concern. The Black Hand's suddenly moving around large amounts of data, almost all of it encrypted using military grade cyphers. The only bits I've been able to decode thus far were copied off a stolen backup disk. It's way over my head: information about cellular decay rates, genome percentages, yield estimates, you name it. It looks like test results for some kind of bioweapon.

Here's a sample, to prove that I'm not talking out of my arse:

If you want to prevent the Black Hand from completing this thing, you'll have to dismantle their information infrastructure. It won't be easy; they've hidden servers and communications arrays in multiple hideouts throughout New Helghan. To complicate matters further, the VSA suspect the Black Hand of killing Sinclair – so you may have to fight off Helghast and Vektan troops if you decide to go in.

I realize you have little reason to trust me, so as a gesture of goodwill I've enclosed a discount code that entitles you and your crew to 50% off at all affiliated arms dealers. It’s only good for two days, so I suggest you act fast and stock up. If you meet me in the forest near Visari Memorial Monument tomorrow, I'll give you all the information you need to find the Black Hand hideouts and stop this threat.

Mission 1

In spite of our previous successes, we’re not out of the woods yet. The Black Hand must be prevented from building another bioweapon at any cost. There’s no easy way to do this; we’ll have to go over The Wall, fight our way towards The Terminal and hop a freight train bound for The Forest to rendezvous with our mysterious informant, “Zeus”.


Warzone:   Informant-1
Maps:   The Wall, The Terminal, The Forest
Modes:   Capture & connect, Team Death Match, Beacon Retrieval
Classes:   Assault, Support
Abilities:   No Emergency Teleport, no Supply Box, no Air Support, no Breacher, no HE Grenade, no Spider Mine
Date:   Friday, January 30 - Sunday, February 1
Primary objective:   Get the highest number of grenade kills per hour
(minimum total play time: 2 hours)
Primary rewards:  
750k   Valor bonus  -  Xx_B_L_A_Z_E_xXl
300k   Valor bonus  -  SummerDude202
150k   Valor bonus  -  ChainClutch
Secondary objective:   Collect the most Valor
Secondary reward:  
450k   Valor bonus  -  og_JoyDivision

Mission 2

Zeus was able to provide us with the location of all Black Hand hideouts in New Helghan. We’ll fight our way up to The Statue and wingsuit into the city below. As soon as we land we’ll do a thorough sweep of The Slums, then systematically work our way down towards The Stormgracht. A getaway boat will take us back to Vektan territory.


Warzone:   Informant-2
Maps:   The Statue, The Slums, The Stormgracht
Modes:   Capture & Move, Capture & Hold, Beacon Theft
Classes:   Support only
Abilities:   No Spider Mine, No Support Drone
Date:   Friday, February 6 – Sunday, February 8
Primary objective:   Get the highest melee kills on average minimum of 7 games played
Primary rewards:  
750k   Valor bonus  -  Carcharus
300k   Valor bonus  -  Beastforce100980
150k   Valor bonus  -  ChainClutch
Secondary objective:   Most games played
Secondary reward:  
450k   Valor bonus  -  Uruk-hai72

Mission 3

According to the communications records we uncovered, parts for the bioweapon are scavenged and then smuggled into Vekta by a Black Hand cell operating out of Old Pyrrhus. We’ll charter a shuttle to Helghan and touch down near The Divide, then make our way through The Remains and destroy their main base in The Academy.


Warzone:   Informant-3
Maps:   The Divide, The Remains, The Academy
Modes:   Capture & Move, Beacon Retrieval, Team Deathmatch
Classes:   Support, Assault
Abilities:   No HE Grenade, no Spidermine, no Turrets, no Buddy Drone, no Support Drone
Date:   Friday, February 13 – Sunday, February 15
Primary objective:   Make the most Headshots
(minimum of 7 games played)
Primary rewards:  
750k   Valor bonus  -  Carcharus
300k   Valor bonus  -  PiGG-MaCC
150k   Valor bonus  -  Porto77
Secondary objective:   Collect the most Valor
Secondary reward:  
450k   Valor bonus  -  MaksBek

Mission 4

Development of the Black Hand weapon was further along than we anticipated. They were able to cobble together a dirty bomb using the parts they already had, and are now en route to detonate it in the middle of Vekta City. Likely candidates for ground zero are The Penthouse, The Park and The Station – search and secure these areas right away!


Warzone:   Informant-4
Maps:   The Penthouse, The Park, The Station
Modes:   Beacon Theft, Search & Destroy, Capture & Hold, Team Deathmatch
Classes:   All
Abilities:   No Turrets, no Buddy Drone, no Support Drone, no Stun Drone, no Guard Drone, no HE Grenade, no Spider Mine
Date:   Friday, February 20 – Sunday, February 22
Primary objective:   Highest average hip fire kills
(minimum of 7 games played)
Primary rewards:  
750k   Valor bonus  -  Carcharus
300k   Valor bonus  -  CaptnTwinklestar
150k   Valor bonus  -  humigb
Secondary objective:   Most games played
Secondary reward:  
450k   Valor bonus  -  Uruk-hai72


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