Killzone Shadow Fall Weekend Roundup

Welcome to another edition of the Killzone Shadow Fall weekend roundup! There’s lots going this week, including a live Q&A, open multiplayer trial, competitions and more. Check it out!

Live Q&A with the Developers
Today at 17:30 GMT we hosted a live Q&A with the developers of Killzone Shadow Fall, featuring special community guests CaptainRoundHous3, Meat-Hammer-Dlux, SquidSticks and MarioKarrion of Bandito Gaming. You can check out the full Q&A live below:


First Multiplayer Expansion Pack announced
The first multiplayer pack was announced this week in the form of a new class – the insurgent. It also contains three new weapons, three new abilities for the Assault, Support and Scout classes, a new difficulty for the single player campaign, a new online collectibles mode, and more! To read about the first multiplayer expansion pack, which drops in early April, click here.

Two Free New Multiplayer Maps Released
Two free new multiplayer were released this week: The Cruiser, which takes place aboard an ISA cruiser converted into a VSA black site, and The Hangar, which takes place in the cavernous hangar of a Helghast mining spire. The maps are absolutely free and can be downloaded in the US and Europe right now; Asia will receive the maps next week. For more details, click here.

Free Open Week Multiplayer Trial
To celebrate the release of the new multiplayer maps, we’ve made Killzone Shadow Fall’s acclaimed multiplayer available as a FREE trial to all PlayStation 4 owners until Tuesday, March 11. A PlayStation Plus account is not required to play the free trial. Please note that if you do not own Killzone Shadow Fall, you will need to download the full trial including the single-player component before you can download the new maps. Also, be sure to download the maps using a PSN account that matches the region of your game. For more help on the trial, click here.

Open Week Competition
During the Open Week multiplayer trial, we’re running a competition on the Open Week: Competition warzone created especially for this trial. For those of you who belong to a clan, we’ve also got an interesting clan challenge that takes place on the new maps. And yes, there are prizes involved! For the full details and rules, please click here.

Weekend Challenge #8: Discovering New Land!
This weekend's challenge will be all about finding every little strategic nook and cranny in our new maps. Find the best sniping spot, get up close and personal for a brutal melee or go crazy with your grenades. Whatever gives you that strategic edge over your enemy! The goal is to get the highest number of kills per hour on the New Maps Only!! warzone. For more details, click here.

Regarding Killzone Shadow Fall and 1080p
Lately we’ve been getting questions about Killzone Shadow Fall’s resolution in multiplayer mode - in particular, whether it’s 1080p or something else. The technique used is quite complex and will be discussed at the upcoming Games Developers Conference in San Francisco. In the meantime, producer Poria Torkan breaks it down in (relatively) non-technical terms here.

That's all for this edition of the Killzone Shadow Fall weekend roundup! Enjoy the trial and the new maps, and see you next week!

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