SCEE Plus Subscribers: Another shot at the Beta!

We just received this mysterious message, but we can’t make heads or tails from it.

[BEGIN TRANSMISSION] "...Anybody hear Captain Narville of the ISA...need reinforcements...every SCEE PlayStation Plus subscriber who couldn' the XMB theme in time...a second chance...get into the Killzone 3 Public Beta...program has been extended, so...will temporarily open it up to...all Plus Subscribers from SCEE territory...repeat, all Plus subscribers from SCEE territory...window of opportunity will close fast...Helghast are coming...know your's PlayStation Plus the Killzone 3 Public Beta client from the Plus section...won’t be much us..." [TRANSMISSION CUTS OUT]

Whatever it is, it sounds urgent. Something about today's update of the PlayStation Store containing a "Killzone 3 Public Beta client" which will be available to all Plus subscribers "for a limited time"? Could it have something to do with this update over on the official European PlayStation.Blog?

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This promotion has ended.]

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