Announcing the Killzone 3 Trailer Contest


We knew Killzone fans are a creative bunch, but the recent live-action Killzone: Extraction short by pwnisher completely blew us away. It also got us wondering: how many other talented filmmakers are there in the Killzone community?



To find out, will be hosting a “Create Your Own Killzone 3 Trailer” video contest from March 18 to March 31. No, don’t worry – unlike the pwnisher crew, you won’t have to crawl through muddy trenches to obtain spectacular video material. On Friday, March 18, we will put three sets of H.264-encoded Killzone 3 footage (Jungle-themed, Space-themed, and Launch Trailer-themed) up for download on
What you do with the footage is largely up to you - you can stick to one particular theme, mix and match the three sets, cut them into a fast-paced promo like the Killzone 3 launch trailer, splice in live-action shots of yourself to create a funny Kevin Butler-esque commercial, or even add narration to mimic a mini-documentary about life on Helghan.
Between March 18 and March 31 there will be a special thread in the forums where you can post a short description and link to your submission. The video itself can be hosted on a video sharing service such as YouTube or Vimeo. We will post full instructions and rules along with the Killzone 3 footage on March 18.
So remember to check back here on Friday, and in the meantime – start brushing up on those editing skills!


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