Player Voice Update: Response To The Top 18 Feedback Items

Happy New Year, Killzone fans! We hope you’ve had an excellent holiday celebration with your friends and loved ones. We’d like to begin 2014 with our own personal New Year’s Resolutions, based on the top 15 18 suggestions and issues that you’ve logged on the Killzone Player Voice feedback system.

Fix Saving at Checkpoints [in development]

Patch 1.07 included an update to the user interface to clarify checkpoint messages. In addition, we’re currently working on a system that allows more frequent saving. The system will be introduced in a forthcoming patch.
Killzone Shadow Fall now allows you to customize your combat automata, player voice and player card, and we hope to introduce new personalization options in the future. Implementing personalization options without impacting game performance is tricky though, and gameplay features currently have priority for us.
Removing or strongly restricting the ability to revive downed players would undermine the effectiveness of the Support Class. Nevertheless, we are evaluating the current balance to see if further refinements are warranted.
Just like many of you, we’ve seen a few instances of grenades bouncing off objects they should have cleared. We’re currently gathering telemetry on this issue will come up with a solution based on our findings.

Bring Back Assassination Mode [in design]
We admit it – we may have underestimated the popularity of Assassination Mode somewhat when we designed Killzone Shadow Fall. The good news is it’s certainly possible for us to re-introduce, and we’re looking at various designs right now.
Killzone Shadow Fall wasn’t created with an Operations mode in mind, but we will investigate the feasibility of this mode.
We’re currently redesigning the way the scoreboard works for a future patch. The new scoreboard design will address this and other suggestions raised by the community.
We’re gathering data and investigating the blur effect. We hope to have more on this soon.
From the construction of the maps to the abilities of the classes, Killzone Shadow Fall was designed with team play in mind, so we want to focus on that as much as possible. Nevertheless, we will leave this suggestion open to see how much traction it receives in the community.
Several classic weapons may be making their way back to Killzone Shadow Fall in a future expansion. For the latest news on our upcoming season of multiplayer expansions, stay tuned to
Deployable spawn beacons are central to Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer design, so we’re not inclined to remove or drastically change them. Having said that, our team is currently evaluating new and creative ways of using the spawn beacons.
We currently have no plans to allow players to completely remap controls, but we are looking into adding multiple control schemes that should cater to most of your needs.
When Team Chat was introduced in Patch 1.07, we opted to give players the choice of turning it on themselves. Since the feature has proven extremely popular, we will turn Team Chat on as a default in a future update.
The design of the Support Class relies on the current ability loadout and we don’t want to devalue the revive ability too much. For the moment, we will leave this suggestion open to see how important it is to the community.

Create a Companion App [under investigation]
The new Killzone Shadow Fall website works well on mobile devices and tablets, and currently fulfills a lot of the same functionality as a mobile app would. We may look into creating one for forthcoming feature updates that would benefit from a dedicated mobile app.
It’s likely an uphill task with the visual level we’re striving for if we don’t want to affect performance too much.
We have made some new changes to the matchmaking algorithm based on our data. Please open a ticket with your specific feedback once you’ve had a chance to try it out.
We recently introduced an Invitational Tournament as well as an Open Competition for the hardcore community. The Clans feature is currently in development along with other competitive events being planned for 2014.

As before, we will be closing these suggestions on the Killzone Player Voice feedback system, so you can spend your allotted votes on other ideas. Thank you for sending us your suggestions and votes, and please continue to help us shape Killzone Shadow Fall in 2014!

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