Update on Warzone Menu Changes and Clan Support Rollout

Today we want to update you on the changes we’re making to the Warzones menu, as well as our progress on phase two of the clan support rollout.

As you may have noticed, we reduced the number of official Warzones last week. The selection available from the main multiplayer menu now consists of 24-player Team Deathmatch, 24-player Warzone, a weekly rotating Warzone picked from the list of formerly official Warzones, and – if you’re a new player – the New Recruits Warzone.

This week we’re streamlining the main multiplayer menu to only display those three (or four) official Warzones. The remaining Warzones can still be found through the ‘Browse Warzones’ option, but for those of you trying to hop on a game quickly this change will make it much easier to find and join filled Warzones.

In clan support news, we’re making good progress on the second phase of our rollout plans, which include clan matchmaking functionality and a clan ranking leaderboard. The bulk of our development efforts are currently focused on the Co-Op DLC Expansion Pack, since that will be released first – however, the new clan support functionality will be close behind it.

Stay tuned to Killzone.com for more information about the Co-Op DLC Expansion Pack and clan support phase two!

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