Open multiplayer weekend with Double Valor

You bought Killzone: Shadow Fall, but don’t have a PlayStation Plus membership to actually enjoy our great multiplayer? No worries, as PlayStation is opening its multiplayer doors this weekend!

We’re also launching a Double Valor weekend to give you a kick start! This means your regular Valor scores at the end of each round will be doubled, which in turn gives you twice as much Valor to spend on gameplay or customisation boxes. The latter mystery box contains DLC items, so it is worthwhile to start playing for that extra Valor.

The PlayStation Plus open weekend and our Double Valor event will be starting this Friday at 6am GMT / 10pm PT / 1am EST and will run until Monday 16th February 6am GMT / 10pm PT / 1am EST.

But before you start playing, we have one more thing we want to share with you and that is our Killzone SHAREfactory contest. You can win some cool prices by just playing the game, getting some sweet kills or killstreaks and edit them together with the new Killzone SHAREfactory theme. More info can be found here: video editing contest.

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