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In the near future, mankind takes to the stars and begins a halcyon period of planetary colonization. New colonies are formed under the Earth-loyal banner of the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance.

But behind the smiling façade of galactic growth, unrest is growing. On the planet Helghan, colonists find themselves warped by the poisonous atmosphere. Those that survive become stronger, and develop a burning hatred for the alliance that sent them to the accursed planet in the first place. The ruthless, militaristic Helghast secede from the ISA, conspiring to wage war against them.

The peaceful colony of Vekta becomes the first victim of Helghan's retribution, quickly falling under enemy control in a bloody blitzkrieg that leaves thousands dead or injured.

As a skilled member of an ISA squad, you find yourself in the middle of the desperate conflict. Can you survive the Helghast assault and halt the march towards all-out war, or will you be just another faceless casualty in unmarked grave?

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