Killzone Shadow Fall 1.5 Released

Today Killzone Shadow Fall reaches version 1.5! The new 1.5 patch implements the eagerly awaited second phase of the Clan System, as well as a ranking system, gameplay tweaks, interface improvements and new game modes for Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept.

Here are the changes in Killzone Shadow Fall patch 1.5:



  • Implemented Clans System, Phase 2
    The second phase of the Clan System rollout introduces Clan Warzones, Clan Matches and Clan Leaderboards. From the new ‘Clan’ tab in the multiplayer menu, players can join Clan Warzones and play against random or specific clans.

    Please note that we just discovered a bug in the Clan Leaderboards where incorrect wins and losses were being recorded for certain matches. We’re rolling out a server-side fix for the problem today and will correct the win/loss results for all clans later this week. The scoreboard may still display the wrong name for the opposing clan on occasion - this will be corrected in an upcoming patch.



  • Added Ranking System
    A Ranking System has been added. Challenges are now ranked with a title attached to them. At the end of each round, players can see what needs to be achieved to progress to the next rank.
  • Enabled Challenge Progression in Online Botzone Matches
    Players can now complete Challenges in online Botzone matches.
  • Implemented Shield Assist Score Reward
    Players now receive points when a team member makes a kill through their shield.



  • Added Challenge Progression Indicator to HUD
    Challenge Progression is now displayed on the HUD. The top right of the screen will indicate the challenge closest to completion (or most recently progressed in).
  • Added Challenge Progression Overview to Round Roll-Over Screen
    In the roll-over screen, players can now see in which challenges they progressed the most during the previous round.
  • Added Party Member Highlighting
    Party members are now highlighted in blue on the Spawn Map, the Scoreboard and the HUD.
  • Added Disconnected Icon for Offline Players
    When players disconnect, an icon will now be displayed on top of their name.



  • Added Additional Game Modes
    Two new game modes have been added to Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept: a two-player game mode and an extra hard game mode known as ‘Overkill’. Both are accessible as Warzones from the redesigned coop menu, along with the Training Ground Warzone.



  • Added Public API
    Players will be able to interact directly with Killzone Shadow Fall’s game servers via our new REST API (programming interface). To get started, click here.
  • Fixes & Tweaks
    This patch applies several minor bug fixes and tweaks.


Of course, Patch 1.5 is just the latest in a long line of improvements and additions we’ve made since the game’s release in November 2013, based in part on your feedback. And we’re not done by a long shot! There are more free multiplayer maps, more co-op maps and a third multiplayer expansion in the works. In the meantime, keep an eye on for more information about the Clan System and the Public API, and let us know what you think of patch 1.5 in the official Killzone forums!

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