Killzone Shadow Fall Weekend Roundup

It’s the Killzone Shadow Fall Weekend Roundup with your host, Echo! Well, maybe not Echo – but she does feature prominently in this week’s edition. Read on to learn more!

Bringing Echo to Life

The community team had the honor and pleasure of meeting Jamie Gray Hyder at this year’s E3. You all know this lovely lady, as she played one of Shadow Fall’s stand-out characters: half-Vektan/half-Helghast intelligence operative Echo. Ms Hyder was even willing to answer our questions about the process of bringing Echo to life! Read the interview here.

Guerrilla Cambridge at Brains Eden Festival

 Guerrilla Cambridge is attending the Brains Eden Gaming Festival, which kicks off today at the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK. An epic celebration of games, Brains Eden acts as a bridge between students and studios and has been a great source of talented new staff for Guerrilla. Any university in the world is welcome to sign up for the Brains Eden festival, so if you would like your university to take part in a future edition direct them to the Brains Eden website here!

4th of July Celebration

Community Manager Jeroen Roding is organizing a 4th of July celebration in Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer, and everyone is invited to participate in this unique Killzone event. At exactly 14:45, 15:00, 15:15 and 15:30 EDT, we will all throw our Grenades and Petrusite Grenades into the air at the exact same time as if it was fireworks. You can (hopefully) follow the event life via our Twitch.TV channel here.

Aside from watching pretty ‘splosions and having fun, we’re also giving five people the chance to win one of five original Killzone artworks signed by Managing Director Hermen Hulst. All you need to do is create a montage (using ShareFactory) or take a cool screenshot of the fireworks. The five best-looking captures will win!

Killzone Shadow Fall Patch 1.30 Released

This week saw the release of Killzone Shadow Fall patch 1.30, which adds support for the new multiplayer maps that will come out this month. In addition, the patch introduces several gameplay fixes to the regular multiplayer mode as well as the Intercept expansion. Click here to see what’s new.

World Challenge Round 2 Completed; Round 3 In Effect

Challenge 2 has now been completed and Challenge 3 is underway. Which team will have the highest combined average of beacon spawns per hour? It’s all or nothing for the participants this week, as only three teams can go on to the semifinals! Will the Autarchs come out on top as expected? Will Vekta United make an unexpected comeback? All will be revealed on Wednesday!

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend, and be sure to get in the required 2 ½ hours of game time to register your score for the World Challenge event. You could be the one to lead your team to victory!

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