Heads Up: Site Maintenance on June 29

On Wednesday June 29, Killzone.com will be unavailable from 8:30 to 15:30 UK time while it receives several important new features and bug fixes. The Killzone 3 servers will not be affected by this operation, although it may take a while for scores achieved during the downtime to appear on the new version of the site.

The following improvements and bug fixes will be applied to Killzone.com:


  • My Killzone improvements:
    • Icons and pop-ups have been added to explain major features.
    • Messages requiring interaction are displayed at the top of the live feed.
    • DLC 2 & 3 trophies and descriptions have been translated.
    • The combined score at the top of the Clan page has been split into separate scores for Guerrilla Warfare and Warzone, to reflect the score as shown on the Leaderboard.
    • The Win/Loss ratio on the Clan page is replaced by the percentage of games won.
    • Operations mode has been removed from the Clan overview.
  • Leaderboard improvements:
    • Leaderboards are now publicly accessible.
    • Players can compare their stats directly via the leaderboard.
    • Clan scores are shown in the leaderboards to make their rankings more understandable.
    • Clans will only show up after playing at least 15 matches.
  • Game info page has been updated and expanded.
  • Performance and caching improvements have been implemented.


  • Missing flags for Israel, Oman, Bahrein and Qatar have been added.
  • Ranks and their required XP and rank images with ranks are now in sync with the game.
  • Ribbons now correspond with their in-game counterparts.
  • The StA-11 and LS57 images have been swapped.
  • The Bronze Pistol Kills award image has been corrected.
  • Clan join messages are displayed on the live feed of other clan members as well.
  • Repeat trophy notification on the live feed has been resolved.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this downtime may cause. If you spot any weird behavior when Killzone.com returns, please let us know in the comments!

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