Halloween Community Challenge

As Halloween rolls around, a fearful shadow falls across the city of Vekta… Frightening creatures with burning eyes prowl the streets, their pale faces covered in ghastly masks. Death and destruction are visited upon anyone who dares cross their path! Come to think of it, that pretty much describes Vekta on any other day of the year.

Still – it is Halloween, and we intend to observe it with a special ‘Community Challenge’. Unlike the Weekend Challenges of old, this Community Challenge will be a joint effort: you’ll have to work towards the goal together, instead of competing for first place. The theme of the Community Challenge is, appropriately, ‘Raise the Dead’, and the goal is collectively revive 53,500,000 downed players by 23:59 GMT on Sunday, November 2nd.

Sound impossible? On Halloween nothing is impossible, not even raising the dead! The Community Challenge starts at midnight tonight, so you have 48 hours to reach the goal. Good luck, and remember to check Killzone.com on Monday for the results. We promise it will give you goosebumps…


If and only if you collectively complete the challenge we shall share a very exclusive 10th anniversary branded wallpaper to be used to spice up your desktop or background of your phone.

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