Fixed Single-Player Campaign Issues in Patch 1.12

With the release of new DLC comes a new patch for Killzone Shadow Fall. In addition to support for the Insurgent Pack, patch 1.12 introduces fixes for several single-player campaign issues that you’ve alerted us to in the last few months. Below is a breakdown of the campaign issues resolved in this patch.

Chapter 1 (The Father)
After being killed near the beginning of the section (for example, by the guards entering the apartment, or by the flying drones while crouched under the debris), players could perform actions only available in later levels, such as sprinting, jumping, sliding and opening doors. They were then able to break progression by sliding into Sinclair or Kellan's father and killing them, or alternatively by opening the door blocked by a plank.


Chapter 2 (The Shadow), Section 3:
After restarting the checkpoint, players were able to navigate to the armory and find the dropship console prematurely hackable. Hacking the console too early would result in the player falling out of the dropship during the end of the level cinematic. Restarting the section or checkpoint didn’t resolve the issue, requiring players to reselect the section from the menu in order to complete the chapter.


Chapter 7 (The Handler), Section 1:
Restarting the checkpoint gravity would cause gravity to return, making players fall outside of the mission area. This would in turn trigger an automatic checkpoint restart and result in a death loop.

Chapter 7 (The Handler), Section 4:
After restarting section 4, players were unable to progress as the doors did not open, forcing them to quit.

Chapter 8 (The Dead), Section 4:
Section 4 wouldn’t stream if players continued the campaign during “We've Got Company” and restarted it. To continue, players had to restart the section from the chapter select option.

Chapter 9 (The Destroyer), Section 1:
Players returning to the checkpoint where they left off after blowing up the mobile scan unit would find it respawned. The bombs, however, were no longer available as they’d already been detonated.

For the full Patch 1.12 patch notes, please consult this post on the forums. We’ll have more information on this week’s Insurgent Pack DLC release for you soon!

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