The Veteran

A Vektan nationalist group led by a familiar figure tries to reignite hostilities between New Helghan and Vekta by sabotaging the peace talks between both nations. When Chancellor Visari is kidnapped, Echo and her team step in.

+++ incoming_message 4B76.2154.9510.52C8
+++ transmitter_id: unknown / unknown
+++ transmitter_alias: ECHO
+++ vnsp_signature: verified
+++ decrypting . . .


The good news is that the recent bioweapons scare has finally driven the Vektan and New Helghan governments to explore diplomatic solutions. Dignitaries from both sides are now holding meetings in an attempt to defuse the situation. They probably won’t reach an agreement anytime soon, but it’s still a tremendous step forward. Our campaign could certainly have turned out a lot worse.


The bad news is that extremist groups have been capitalizing on the lingering paranoia among the population. They’re trying to paint the meetings as a concession that will only serve to galvanize the enemy. It seems to be working, too – recruitment numbers for the Black Hand and its closest Vektan analogue, the Vektan Liberation Front, are reportedly surging.


The Black Hand is still reeling from the blow we dealt them last month, so I’m not too concerned about them right now. The VLF, on the other hand, is becoming bolder and bolder in its attempts to sabotage diplomatic efforts. I’m sure you’ve heard of the VLF before; they used to wage a campaign of terror against Helghan-Vektan citizens and migrant workers. Now they’re looking to hit the big leagues.


According to transmissions intercepted by our friend Zeus, the VLF will try and hit the upcoming meeting on Helghan. Chancellor Visari will be attending that meeting in person. I’ve tried to warn her through my contacts at Helghast Security, but… well, let’s just say I’m no longer in her good graces. If her security forces won’t take the threat seriously, we’ll have to take matters into our own hands.


I know some of you are loath to help Visari, but she’s still one of the more moderate voices in the New Helghan Government. Without her, any chance of a lasting ceasefire goes out the window. And if that’s not reason enough for you to take this job, I’ve heard there’s a sizeable Valor bounty on the head of the VLF leader – an ex-military figure codenamed ‘Alpha’, who personally oversees their operations.


Prior to the upcoming talks, delegates from both parties will be given a tour of one of the disarmed mining facilities that Stahl used as a base of operations. It seems like a prime opportunity for the VLF to strike. We’ll monitor the emergency channels of the main spire throughout the tour, and break in through the hangar bay at the first sign of trouble. Visari must be protected at all costs.

Mission 1

As we suspected, the VLF is making its move at the mining facility. We’ll need to enter through The Hangar right away and make our way to The Spire control deck to locate Chancellor Visari and the other delegates. Helghast Security will be trying to evacuate them to The Factory, but the VLF may have compromised it as well. Keep an eye out for the VLF leader, Alpha.


Warzone:   The Veteran-1
Maps:   The Hangar, The Spire, The Factory
Modes:   Team Deathmatch, Beacon Safeguard, Capture & Connect
Classes:   Assault, Support
Abilities:   No HE grenade, No Buddy Drone, No Breacher, No Mobile mine, No Support drone, no Turrets, no revive. Just Rumbler and Pulver.
Date:   Friday , February 27 - Sunday, March 1
Primary objective:   Get the highest average number of kills (minimum of 7 games)
Primary rewards:  
750k   Valor bonus  -  cryon-pes01
300k   Valor bonus  -  Liquid_Ocelot47
150k   Valor bonus  -  ICE-KID1994
Secondary objective:   Most games played
Secondary reward:  
450k   Valor bonus  -  RaggedTerror

Mission 2

Most of the delegates have been secured, but Chancellor Visari and her security detail are still unaccounted for. Radio chatter suggests that Alpha and the remaining VLF forces are retreating through The Canyon with a group of hostages, probably towards an extraction point at The Divide. Let’s try to head them off at The Remains and free the Chancellor.


Warzone:   The Veteran-2
Maps:   The Canyon, The Remains, The Divide
Modes:   TDM, Search and Destroy, Capture and Move, Beacon Theft
Classes:   All
Abilities:   No HE grenade, no Buddy Drone, no Breacher, no Mobile Mine, no Drone, no Turrets, no Revive, no Stun Drone, no Guard Drone
Date:   Friday, March 6 - Sunday, March 8
Primary objective:   Highest K/D Ratio (mininum of 7 games)
Primary rewards:  
750k   Valor bonus  -  robertwhite
300k   Valor bonus  -  og_JoyDivision
150k   Valor bonus  -  greenbuk75
Secondary objective:   Most games played
Secondary reward:  
450k   Valor bonus  -  jocielsantos

Mission 3

Chancellor Visari is safe, if a bit shaken up. Unfortunately, Alpha got away in an escape shuttle. We caught a lucky break, though – Zeus sends word that a shuttle matching his ‘RAIDER-1’ callsign was shot down over New Helghan territory, and came down somewhere in The Slums. This could be our chance to capture Alpha before he escapes through The Terminal and over The Wall.


Warzone:   The Veteran-3
Maps:   The Slums, The Terminal, The Wall
Modes:   Capture & Hold, Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch, Capture & Connect
Classes:   Support only
Abilities:   No Mobile Mine, no Support Drone, no Turrets, no Revive. Stova and M82.
Date:   Friday , March 13 - Sunday, March 15
Primary objective:   Average hipfire kills (minimum of 7 games)
Primary rewards:  
750k   Valor bonus  -  tmntpizzapower
300k   Valor bonus  -  Saskatchewan1973
150k   Valor bonus  -  sah_destroyer
Secondary objective:   Most games played
Secondary reward:  
450k   Valor bonus  -  jocielsantos

Mission 4

Zeus found a positive ID in the Helghast Security database – it seems ‘Alpha’ is a former ISA soldier and a veteran of the Second Extrasolar War. He’s made it into Vekta City and is currently moving between hideouts to evade capture. Stake out The Station, The Park and The Penthouse, but beware of bounty hunters and Helghast death squads looking to collect on the Valor bounty on his head.


Warzone:   The Veteran-4
Maps:   The Station, The Park, The Penthouse
Modes:   Team Deathmatch, Capture & Move, Capture & Hold, Capture & Connect
Classes:   All
Abilities:   No HE Grenade, no Buddy Drone, no Breacher, no Mobile Mine, no Support Drone, no Turrets, no Revive, no Stun Drone, no Guard Drone.
Date:   Friday, March 20 – Sunday, March 22
Primary rewards:  
750k   Valor bonus  -  og_JoyDivision
300k   Valor bonus  -  LRWarner8
150k   Valor bonus  -  XsaldanhaX
Secondary objective:   Most games played
Secondary reward:  
450k   Valor bonus  -  JayKombat

Mission 5

The VLF may have smuggled Alpha off-planet, but he won’t slip through our fingers a second time. Zeus has traced him to a derelict ISA Cruiser orbiting Vekta. Let’s find The Cruiser and capture him, then shuttle him back to Vekta for identification at the military base near The Statue. We can shake off any pursuers trying to claim the bounty in The Forest.


Warzone:   The Veteran-5
Maps:   The Cruiser, The Statue, The Forest
Modes:   All
Classes:   All
Abilities:   All
Date:   Friday, March 20 – Sunday, March 22
Objectives:   Top 3 players in each of the following categories will receive a Valor bonus:
Highest average kills (min 7 games played);
Highest average hipfire Kills (min 7 games played);
Highest average headshots (min 7 games played);
Highest average grenade kills (min 7 games played);
Highest K/D (min 7 games played);
Most games played.
750k Valor bonus
Kills F3ARDAY9
Hipfire Kills BxBomber2012
Headshots DarMikelos
Grenade Kills pOOpInFlames
K/D Ratio og_JoyDivision
Games Played chulizguaguau

300k Valor bonus
Kills wsypa13
Hipfire Kills og_JoyDivision 
Headshots F3ARDAY9 
Grenade Kills wsypa13 
K/D Ratio F3ARDAY9 
Games Played Tharlesx 

150k Valor bonus
Kills Ptit_fusil 
Hipfire Kills l573890725 
Headshots LRWarner8 
Grenade Kills Raychuhot 
K/D Ratio DarkMikelos 
Games Played  shepfam2014 


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