Multiplayer Weapon Balancing

Since the release of Killzone Shadow Fall, we’ve been carefully monitoring our telemetry data and looking at your feedback on the Killzone Player Voice System and the community forums. In the past couple of weeks, we observed that a few weapons were underperforming, so today we’ve redressed the balance.

The weapons we’ve modified are the Scout’s StA-101 Kameraad and LSR44 Spoor, and the Support’s StA-4 Stova. Below are the changes we’ve made to these weapons:


StA-101 Kameraad rifle

  • The minimum delay between shots has been slightly reduced;
  • Vertical recoil when zoomed has been reduced when firing for all scope variations;
  • Hip fire spread has been slightly reduced.

LSR44 Spoor hybrid SMG/sniper

  • Minimum delay between firing burst has been slightly reduced;
  • Bullets fired during burst mode now travel faster;
  • Vertical recoil when zoomed has been reduced when firing in burst mode.

StA-4 Stova LMG

  • Hip fire spread slightly reduced when crouched
  • Spread reduced when crouched and zoomed
  • Spread reduced when standing and zoomed
  • Vertical recoil when zoomed is slightly reduced


The changes should be noticeable as you read this. For Killzone Shadow Fall we’re able to modify the properties affecting the weapon balance on the server side, without the need for a separate client patch. This system allows us to react to your feedback (and our own observations) more quickly.

Weapon balancing is a long-term process, and we want to involve you as much as possible moving forward. Please submit your feedback on these weapon changes to the Killzone Player Voice system; we’ll be collecting your suggestions and our own telemetry data, and re-evaluate the weapon balance in the New Year.

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