Official Japan Killzone Shadow Fall Tournament

From 25th until the 29th of April the Official Japan Killzone Shadow Fall Tournament was held and the semi-final and finals could be watched live on Ustream.

The tournament started on the 25th of April with qualifying rounds that ran until the 28th of April. There were hundreds of people taking part in the tournament. During the qualifying rounds there were 96 players competing for a spot in finals that was held on the 29th of April. In the final 14 players battled it out for 20 minutes on the Wall and in the end strifebeast managed to rack up the most points and was crowned champion. He went home with not only a PlayStation 4, 20.000 Yen on PlayStation Store Credits but also got this amazing piece of PS4 HDD Bay Cover.

Runners-up, so-ni-c_X and uc14gu also went home with a PlayStation 4 a PS4 HDD Bay Cover and respectively a 10.000 and a 5.000 PlayStation Store Voucher. All other finalists won a 3.000 PlayStation Store Voucher.
The final round, consisting of the semi-finals and finals were live streamed on Ustream and can be re-watched below.



Video streaming by Ustream



We from Guerrilla Games would like to thank everyone participating and a special congratulations to strifebeast for winning the tournament!

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