Shadow Fall World Challenge Finals Results

On Friday, July 25 at 17:00 BST, the long-running rivalry between the Autarchs and the Marshals came to a head in the Killzone Shadow Fall World Challenge finals. The three-round, 5v5 battle was fierce and surprisingly evenly matched, but in the end only one team could emerge victorious. Say congratulations to…

 …The Marshals, who managed to beat the Autarchs in two out of three matches!

Naturally, team captain (and editor) Victor Zuylen is very happy with the accomplishments of his team. He had selected the following players to join him in combat:

  • aph3zx
  • AutomaticSnake
  • BluuDz_
  • sah_destroyer

Along with the other members of The Marshals, these players steadily fought their way out of an underdog role over the course of the World Challenge.  “When we claimed that second place in the semifinals, I knew we’d be able to put up a fight,” Victor said after the tournament. “I just never dreamed we’d actually beat the Autarchs!”

The Autarchs, led by team captain/senior designer Stuart Billinghurst – and in his absence, by data analyst and former QA tester Elaine Riggs – were early favorites in the World Challenge. They attracted many of the top-ranked players from earlier weekend challenges, and were able to put together the following dream team to represent them in the finals:

  • barbaflu
  • MALTA_89
  • mrdurant35
  • t0nin0t

In Friday’s finals, however, the Autarchs had to concede victory to the Marshals after three extremely close rounds. “By the third round it was evident that the Marshals were slightly more disciplined,” Elaine observed. “Still, Stuart and I are proud of this team. They’re amazingly talented players, each and every one of them.”

“And it’s not over,” she added, “not by a long shot. The Autarchs have also qualified for the Intercept Challenge finals against the Tyrants, so we’re going to double down and make sure we win that one.”

The Intercept Challenge is tentatively scheduled for Friday, August 8 at 17:00 BST. Over the coming weeks the captains for the Autarchs and the Tyrants will be selecting members from both teams to fight alongside them in the finals, so keep an eye on your private forum messages!

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