Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept Progression Changes

Based on your feedback, we’ve made some adjustments to Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept’s progression system. Challenges that were deemed too difficult or time-consuming to complete have had their requirements reduced, and it is now possible to view your progress on the post-match screen.

The progression system in Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept rewards players for completing a set of challenges and progressing to a new skill tier. There are five skill tiers to progress through, each with their own rank icon; from tier 2 onwards, players also unlock a new weapon for each tier reached.


The following challenges have been modified for each Combat Role:


  • Banked Points target requirements have been decreased by 50%
  • Headshot requirements have been decreased by 50%-66%
  • Ability-related challenge requirements have been rebalanced
  • Weapon-related challenge requirements have been decreased by 75%


In addition, it is now possible for players to view their progress towards the next tier by pressing [CROSS] on the post-match screen for additional details.

We hope that these changes will help you reach the higher skill tiers faster and make it easier to see what you need to do to unlock the new weapons. Give it a try by playing a few rounds of Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept, and please let us know what you think of the adjustments in the comments below.


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