“Valor Patch” Revamps Shadow Fall Multiplayer Experience

We’re excited to announce the release of Killzone Shadow Fall patch 1.80, also known as the Valor Patch. This free update adds a new dimension to Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer experience by introducing an in-game ‘currency’ known as Valor, which allows you to unlock previously paid-only content.


The first thing you’ll notice after installing patch 1.80 and accessing the Multiplayer tab is the new Update screen. It not only keeps you informed of the latest challenges and community events, but also shows the total amount of Valor (V) you have.

There are several ways to earn Valor – your score in online multiplayer matches is automatically converted to Valor, but you can also receive bonuses by completing the challenges listed on the Update screen. Check the Update screen frequently to ensure that you don’t miss out on valuable earning opportunities!

For all players who have previously played Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer we will convert your game-score into Valor.

Mystery Boxes

Your Valor can be exchanged for Mystery Boxes, which offer you a random chance to receive a valuable customization or gameplay item. They come in two flavors: Customization Mystery Boxes and Gameplay Mystery Boxes.

A Customization Mystery Box (V 150,000) will give you a change to unlock a customization item that you do not own yet, including previously paid-only content. Every unlocked item is yours to keep. In total, you can unlock:


  • 29 spotlight moves
  • 24 automata skins
  • 15 voice packs
  • 7 crosshairs
  • 6 player card icon packs
  • 2 player skins


A Gameplay Mystery Box (V 30,000) will give you a random chance to unlock a gameplay boost. These can only be activated during a match, and will only last for one round. They include:


  • 8 Regular Boosts: Reduced Falling Damage, Faster Destruction, Faster Capture Areas, Faster Disarm Explosives, Reduced Explosive Damage, Faster Movement, Extra Throwables, and Faster Health Regeneration.
  • 2 Valor Boosts: Double Valor multiplier and Triple Valor multiplier.
  • 6 Abilities and Weapons: Tactical Echo Emitter, Epulse Emitter, Guard Drone, M82 Assault Rifle, LS12 SMG, and StA 14 Rifle.


(Please note that only one boost can be activated at a time; if you activate a new boost while the previous boost is still running, the previous boost will immediately expire.)


As you can see, the patch 1.80 adds a new layer to Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer experience by rewarding players with a wide variety of customization and gameplay items. The Valor Patch is out today, so be sure to give it a try and let us know what you think in the forums. Also, keep an eye out for the first Double Valor weekend, to be announced soon!

Please note: The Valor Patch is now available in US and Europe and will be available in Japan and Asia at a later stage.

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