Killzone Shadow Fall OST Hits iTunes Tomorrow

[UPDATE: It's here!] Want to add a bit of excitement to those dreary morning commutes? Good news! The Killzone Shadow Fall OST is coming out on iTunes tomorrow, which means you’ll be able to listen to the gripping score by Tyler Bates and LORN everywhere you go.

Like the fictional world it portrays, the soundtrack to Killzone Shadow Fall consists of two sides – each with a distinct identity. The Vektan side is scored by veteran music producer and composer Tyler Bates, whose impressive body of work includes 300 (2006), Watchmen (2009) and God of War: Ascension (2013). The Helghast side is scored by alternative electronic musician LORN, who recently followed up his critically acclaimed albums Nothing Else (2010) and Ask The Dust (2012) with a brand new EP titled The Maze To Nowhere (2014).


Check out our behind-the-scenes look at the production of the Killzone Shadow Fall soundtrack:



The track list of the full album is as follows:


Helghast Side

  1. LORN - All In Order (2:28)
  2. LORN - Broken Oath (1:53)
  3. LORN - Cassandra Lives (5:16)
  4. LORN - Colours Run (4:51)
  5. LORN - Distance (3:27)
  6. LORN - Down In It (3:39)
  7. LORN - Ghost In The Grid (2:35)
  8. LORN - Resist (3:10)
  9. LORN - Stahl Arms (2:40)
  10. LORN - Sympathy For Red (2:43)
  11. LORN - The Gap (5:11)
  12. LORN - True Law (4:44)
  13. LORN - Wither (2:20)


Vektan Side

  1. Tyler Bates - Killzone Shadow Fall Main Theme (1:55)
  2. Tyler Bates - Vektan Treachery (1:23)
  3. Tyler Bates - Shadow Marshal Academy (1:04)
  4. Tyler Bates - Prologue (3:23)
  5. Tyler Bates - Exchange (3:36)
  6. Tyler Bates - Sewers (1:15)
  7. Tyler Bates - Behind Enemy Lines (3:19)
  8. Tyler Bates - The Armory (3:25)
  9. Tyler Bates - Return Home (1:18)
  10. Tyler Bates - Under Attack, Part 1 (2:19)
  11. Tyler Bates - Under Attack, Part 2 (2:15)
  12. Tyler Bates - The Black Hand (4:28)
  13. Tyler Bates - Hanging By A Thread (1:11)
  14. Tyler Bates - Spire (2:04)
  15. Tyler Bates - Find Doctor Massar (2:10)
  16. Tyler Bates - Epilogue (2:15)


The Killzone Shadow Fall OST will be available from iTunes tomorrow for $9.99/€8.99. Remember to check frequently, because we’ll be posting details on how to win an extremely rare vinyl release of the soundtrack soon!

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